Monday, June 30, 2008

New Collective Layout!! *plugging*

sentiment: hungry~
harmony: "Fusion Star" by Kotoko

Ahh yes!! I just created and finished my new collective layout!!! Just spamming to plug it shamelessly... XDD *gets shot*

Flaming Ash ++ Ver. 2 Scarlet Atmosphere

A D.N.Angel layout... so brownish with some touches of red. xD

That's all folks!! I'm so friggin' hungry and tired and my dad's here, I'm gonna get bashed if he caught me still online (because it's already 3:15 a.m)! XDD Feel free to visit if you have the time! ^___^


  1. nice looking layout man! but the texts in the navigation part is a bit hard to read, i suggest you make it lighter, the same with the chat box.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! ^_^ I'll be editing the cbox soon as well... I'm very tad lazy atm because I have to search & search for a good combination of colors so please bear with it for now... >< But I'll be editing once I got my energy back. :D Thanks again! ^_^