Sunday, June 29, 2008

Score 2 for broke!

sentiment: happy... somewhat. xD
harmony: "Double HarmoniZe Shock!!" by Kotoko & Kaori Utatsuki

June 28, 2008 was a very long day -- half exciting, half boring, and err... not to mention half-sleepy because I only had few hours last night but I still prepared my adrenaline in case of emergency, you know! ;)

I thought my professor in my Saturday class won't appear but at last, after some good 10 years, he appeared but what's the worst case is that we still had orkey-dorkey lesson about Internet and Web Applications even though there are only 3 students who attended! (Me and 2 other classmates who are not my acquaintances) Guurrrsshh, at first it was very hot going to school but then I entered the Computer Lab 1, it was uber cold!! So cold that the glass windows began to moist already. o_o Just like a classroom-size refrigerator. And what's another worse is that it triggered a stomach warfare!! It's a good thing I earned a lot of tissue in cases like this one. ;)

What's most thrilling today was when Mr. X (the one whom I said that I really really hate in last year's archives -- sorry can't remember anymore which archive it belonged SRSLY -- ah stupid memory gap) was the one who got mad at this time. I scored 2-1 today. :D Because to tell you the truth, he never fails to shorten up my temper especially last year. But last week and today, I scored for broke! Hahah! FTW! XDD But I got a little annoyed because of his attitude today... You wanna know how it went? Read ahead, folks.


It was 11:00am when my class ended and my 2 friends where smoking outside the school campus when I went to them. Then suddenly Mr. X arrived after finishing his first class and decided to be late on his next class. Then he invited the two (not me) to join him to eat in the cafeteria... But the two were not in the mood and instead they dragged me to eat with him which is not my idea and I certainly won't do it even if it kills my deep black conscience! Muhaarrhaarr! Aby told me, "Si Fred oh! Ayaw mo ayain!" (in Eng. "There's Fred, why don't you ask him?") Then Mich agreed! (I don't know with these two, but they're sort of, teasing me with this person just like a yaoi couple which I just slack off but I'm still cool with it because I know it's just for fun.)

What I did wrong was that, I looked at him instead of looking at Aby while saying, "Ayoko nga! Kapal ah!" (Eng. "I certainly don't want to! The nerve!) Then he stood up (in serious tone) and he keeps on shitting my day and told me, "Bakit? Ikaw ba inaaya ko?!" (Eng. "Why? Are you the one I'm asking to come with me?") but I just smiled because I'm already immuned with his schemes (Score 1-0). Then he kept on pleading the two to come with him then I butted in saying, "Bakit? Hindi mo ba kaya kumain mag-isa?" (Eng. "Why? Can't you eat on your own?) That statement totally blown off his nerve and he even spanked me on my chest! But I just smiled at him, as usual (Score 2-0).

Do you wanna know why I got a little annoyed after that? It's because he's nuts. He got a hot head just because he feels weakened by donating blood and drinking alcohol (please refer to my last post before this -- remember I was tipsy last night? But I'm not drunk.) all in one day and by getting a handful of rattattatt from mine. While when I experienced being bullied and teased by him, I don't have the right to get mad?! Oh c'mon f**k this bullsh*t. He's acting like a childish boss when he's not the boss around (just because of he's tough, and I'm not issues et. al) Urrgghhh, I totally hate this kind of attitude! He's really a bunker. Tsk, tsk...

But what do you know, I still have the balls to show him that I can still withstand his ridiculous damnated attitude of his. Yes, I get annoyed easily but I'm preserving my patience as not to fight with an abnormal person because if I didn't, I'm also an abnormal nee? xDD And after that, we didn't talk for the whole day which was a total relief for me. I just wish he could just shut up everyday we see each other until the day we both graduate.

And I just want my readers to know that I'm not mad or angry at him... Just a little annoyed. I haven't been mad with schoolmates for years and I plan to continue it... I don't want to plant vengeance which will lead to its growth someday and will even make the situation more worst. I'm not totally mad at him as a person but I don't like his attitude towards me. That's it.

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