Monday, July 28, 2008

Being expensive or not?

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It's been a while since I've made a blog entry. o_o I've been in hiatus -- not really. It's just that I can't seem to think of what I'm going to post these days so I just ignored on visiting and posting here. After 15 days and here I go again~ ending up posting another RL stuff. xD

Last Friday, I was with my friends to buy food, stuffs for our friend, Aby's birthday celebration -- more on seafood, prawn snacks and of course, booze. XD I just noticed that for my friends (at school), a birthday was never called a "birthday" without an alcoholic beverage but for me, it doesn't really matter as long as we enjoy the celebration. After buying, we're going to take the stuff to Michelle's house since it's the venue for our celebration. Michelle insisted that we take the tricycle (for PhP20.00) because the baggage were heavy. But I insisted, "NO! You just carry the light ones while I'll carry the heavy ones so that we won't have to pay 20 pesos."

Aby was shocked and asked me again, "You sure you'll be alright?" I even boasted, "I can definitely do it! It's nothing to me!" But Aby was kinda reluctant about the idea and even offered us a PhP20.00 bill just to make sure. But I insisted, "No, it's really okay. We can do it. I can carry the heavy ones with no problem!" I said and smiled. Then she finally accepted the idea.

Well it was REALLY heavy especially for me, who is just 100lbs in weight, it feels like it was even heavier than me. =O But I can really manage rather than waste a PhP20.00 bill. Money is important, it's not that I'm obsessed with it. It's just that it could be used in a more important way... Then a convo suddenly came up and they said that among our circle of friends, I was the most conservative when it comes to money --- that I'd rather walk miles away when I can just to save money, I try so hard to earn money, etc.

Yes that's really true. I really try to save my money as much as possible because my allowance is not comparable to them. Their daily allowance were twice (or even thrice) as much as I have so the tendency is that, I save money because I have fewer while they just use their money to buy cigarettes, Starbucks, accessories etc. But comparable to other people, Aby is really generous because she treats us when we don't have much money, pay the jeepney/tricycle fare when we have don't enough coins, and she has the initiative to give a bill then she will say, "Just add a couple of coins for us". *Oh my I'm straying off my topic again* XD

Now going back, I don't really spend much money because first of all, my money is just limited and we're not all that rich, I'm not luxurous when it comes to clothes, accessories etc. But I'm rather weak when it comes to food and games. xD What's expensive for me is just cheap for them. But I like it the way it is right now. At least, they'll know that I'm not really fund of spending money and what they don't know is that I am earning for other things aside from buying a new mp3 player. I'm really trying hard to earn so that my future plans for EB (with my faraway best friends) and buy clothes/props for my future blog layout will come true. I know earning money is really difficult especially if you're just a middle-class Filipino citizen, you can't much bear with the continuous oil price hike, increased jeepney fare, continuous price increase of basic necessities and given a PhP115.o0 every school day, and has a schedule of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday class only, you'll just earn more or less PhP100 a week. It's really small but by persevering, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to earn and buy the things that I wanted. ^___^

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