Thursday, August 28, 2008

I hate being in LONG Hiatus

sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "Way beyond there" MELL

Grrr... I really hate abandoning my blog but what can I say? I've abandoned it for so long that it has grown cavities around it. X__X I hate to say this but I don't when the "hiatus" will end but I don't feel "inspired" to post RL stuff nowadays so don't ever expect I'll post another one of those cheesy and tearjerker RL stuffs that I don't do anyway (except from my birthday post last year *bricked*). |D;;


Kyaaahh! I hate this but it looks like I'm just going to make this blog more of a J-pop related content (more of reviews, trivias etc.) because I feel so uninspired right now. *head desks* Maybe RL stuffs will come once in a blue moon but I won't really assure that since I'm not the type to be so dramatic nowadays (although I was back then *major bricking here* ~_~). AH WEELLL! WHATEVER~ i don't care much *appears my second personality*

Enough of these mucho nonsense here. I'm outta here. Next up will be some J-pop reviews. Nee?! *___*

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