Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Old Meme all over again!

Tagged by Cattleya-chan! =)

01. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about himself/herself.
02. Bloggers tagged need to write ten things and post the rules.
03. At the end of the blog, you need to choose ten people you're going to tag and list their names.
04. Don't forget to comment to their site that they're tagged.


01. I only have 2 subjects this semester. *super petix mode* XD
02. I just finished my second fanlisting which is dedicated to one of my favorite J-pop singer, Kotoko!
03. I seldomly play arcade games!! Uwaahh, I miss Xianghua!!! =/
04. I can drive but I'm still having difficulties because my Otou-san didn't let me practice for 3 straight weeks!!
05. I got yelled when we were on our way to LTO because he let me drive with my rubber shoes on!! o__O
06. In the past, I can still tolerate hiphop, but now, I'm rather abhorred with that genre. Even some R&B... o__o (This only applies to Western songs... I can still tolerate some J-hip hop group like nobodyknows+, HALCALI, m-flo etc.)
07. I like all sorts of cold except cold tempearture... xD -- cold sounds, cold candies, cold food, ice-cold drinks etc.
08. I like Gmail more than Yahoo! Mail right now. Odd... xD
09. I think I already collected approx. 2,000 So-Unpopular songs hahaha but not all are here in my PC. T__T *needs more HDD space*
10. I want to learn to play the violin and drum!!! o__O

Tagging portion!! -- Amy, Stellar, Joie-C, Eunice, Ray, Marikit, erin, Rei-chan, Ikki-chan... Errmm I can't find another one to tag and it's the last!! x__X Well anyone who is free and willing to do the meme, then you may. =)

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