Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CHU! CHU! *faints*

sentiment: dizzy... and hungry
harmony: "Onegai! Daigyakuten" by Mai Hoshimura

Ughh... my head spins as I thought I already collected all of Kotoko's Ren'ai CHU!'s remixes and it was a big mistake! @__@ I thought there was only 1 Ren'ai CHU! -Original- (which were originally by Kotoko and former I've Sound singer Aki) but there was a version where Kotoko and Aki sung it individually. =__= Even the ParaPara mixes (1 & 2) which were originally by the two, they also have a Kotoko version and Aki version separately. And what's worse, I can't even differentiate them all~!! Ughh, what sickness. I hate myself. *total head desks*

AHHH! I'm getting hungry... My mind's not working properly... Maybe that's it. My brain's out when my stomach is just out there growling while I continue to type this nonsense shitty post. o__o Maybe I should just stop this and eat so I could at least experience 7th heaven before I go to slumber... Urrgghh, I really hate this body... Why the hell do my body have to digest what I eat in a breeze?! That's why after a half an hour or two of eating a meal, I got hungry in an instant and I can't help but to feed myself even if there's no food out there. T___T AHHH!! I can't sleep if I'm hungry!! I really hate this!! *screams*


  1. Here's a tip for differentiating the eight Ren'ai Chu! versions:
    Six done by KOTOKO and AKI, two each of the original mix, parapara mix 1 and parapara mix 2.
    Each mix has two separate versions, commonly known as the "KOTOKO" and the "AKI" version. The differences come in the talking parts, starting around 0:41. If you can't tell the two apart, KOTOKO's version sounds a lot more shy than AKI's confident jabber.
    The seventh version came off of Short Circuit, featuring KOTOKO and Kaori, with Kaori taking the role of anxious eroge character.
    The eighth version (a parody version with male guest vocals) closed the I've Fan Club disc Trush Vox 5.
    On top of these, instrumentals and short (KOTOKO) version of each of the initial three remixes exist.
    Surprisingly enough, I don't think Shoujo Byou ever covered it on their tribute albums.

  2. wow that many?! And I haven't heard of the one in the I've Fan Club disc Trush Vox 5. And did I just read it right? With male guest vocals?? Should that supposed to be the original version? XD If that will be the original version, it WILL really be meant for a more eroge revolution. xD

    Btw, thanks for helping me distinguish those versions. They gave me a headache just before I went to sleep that night... ><