Thursday, June 26, 2008

Love Call/Akari no Arika info

sentiment: so-and-so
harmony: "Kameleon Kamen" by RYTHEM

Love Call/Akari no Arika single cover

At last, the single cover is now available even if the quality is only small courtesy of their official website. Good cover and I like Yui's violet clothes (dunno if that's a jacket or whatsoever). But I really didn't like the appearance... I dunno myself but I think this single will be the complete opposite of their epic win song, Harmonia. If you saw their PV on that song, it amazed me because I love the place and surroundings that they cover for the video unlike here, they'll be in the city with those citylights around them telling me that it'll be a hip-hop single. And you know what, I was correct! Wait till you hear these,

The first one is the Love Call. It's their first collaboration... with a new J-pop duo. And what's unbelievable is that they teamed up with a hip-hop duo!! =__= Which I didn't like the idea from the start. And as expected, it has some taste of hip-hop with those synths from the start. It's a low-quality full version so if you're interested, just listen to it. Ermm, what can I say? I didn't really like the song... Why? They're straying off to their original genre of music!! Plus, their overflowing placid voice is not present either!! I'd rather hear a ballad from them... Hip-hop doesn't really suit Yui and Yuka! (-____-) Maybe unplugged, acoustic and jazzy music, it's still plausible but from either R&B and hip-hop, don't ask.

The second one is a 42-second preview of the other A-side Akari no Arika. This is more love for me!! I love this!!! I love the intro of the song and I'm glad it's not a ballad. XD And ish more inspiring, even their blending voice was already present in the half-part of the preview! It's more calming and feeling like you're in a distant yet flavorful paradise with a pleasant ring on it. I'm expecting more on this one!! XD

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