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Looking Back: A Mami Kawada single review

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It's been awhile since I did a review nee? I feel inspired today despite the fact that I'm a bit tipsy awhile ago because of drinking booze at my friend's house for her birthday celebration. But the tipsiness has all gone and I'm back to normal as usual again!! xDD And as much as I remember I haven't done a single review for my most favorite Mami Kawada single, Hishoku no Sora. Because *flashback* I first did my review on her next single which is Akai Namida/Beehive nee? XDD And well, it's not all too late to make a review for a single right?? Ah well... xD

Hishoku no Sora single cover

Hishoku no Sora is Mami Kawada's 2nd maxi single overall produced by I've Sound and Geneon Entertainment label. It peaked on the #11 spot of Oricon Charts charting for more than 5 weeks and selling approximately 37,000 which makes this Kawada's current best selling single (as of the moment, but JOINT is catching up! ;)). The title track is used as the 1st opening theme to the anime series Shakugan no Shana (lit. Shana of the Burning Eyes).


  1. Hishoku no Sora [4:15]
    (Lyrics: Mami Kawada; Music: Tomoyuki Nakazawa; Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki)
  2. another planet [5:50]
    (Lyrics: Mami Kawada; Music/Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa)
  3. another planet ~twilight~ [4:01]
    (Lyrics: Mami Kawada; Music: Tomoyuki Nakazawa; Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi)
  4. Hishoku no Sora -instrumental- [4:14]
  5. another planet -instrumental- [5:49]

For the information of the visitors or blog readers, this single for me is the best that Kawada pulled out and this is the song that has got to me to her after radiance and Asu e no Namida (these two songs is where I derived the name of my blog. ^^;). Even though the latter songs were the one to inform me that such singer as Mami Kawada exists, this single has to be the reason why I got addicted to her. And for me, even though how much JOINT will win over the sales of this single, it will not beat the sensation that I first felt when I listened to this song, given that these 2 songs were both composed and arranged by 2 persons.

What can I say? Even if radiance was her debut on the more broadway J-pop, it didn't capture many anime otakus to listen or like it. Why? Yes, music is indeed at its best but Starship Operators, it's tie-in anime, was not of a strong hold for her popularity. I tell you, that anime is a bit boring that I never intended to watch all of it even if it only has 12 episodes. Not unlike Shakugan no Shana, which has a more in-depth and interesting plotline, plus come up with a good rockin' poppish song prepared, it will surely give you a taste of limelight -- even for a bit. xD A carefully crafted and arranged music with a much more thrilling tempo and lyrics, it's truly a remarkable track and the star of the single. But still maintaining some techno-y synths across some part of the songs which labels it a real I've Sound track. Quite marvelous that it cannot be compared to her other singles but I don't get why most of the songs she released after this declined a little which is kinda disappointing really. Like Akai Namida, it's still good but the music quality declined... I grew tired of the track in a while even Get my way! was like a bit sloppy punk rock if it will be compared to this one.

On the other hand, the B-side songs another planet and it's remix another planet ~twilight~ are the most contradictory to what the A-side started. One of the most downbeat songs present in her discography but I can't consider the two monstrous and horrible but they're kinda boring. But nonetheless, the expression that Kawada wants to depict on this song is really strong... That I get dramatically sober when I heard the song. But the original mix is more tolerable because the twilight version was like more of a boring session that you cannot wait till it gets finished at first but if you listen to it more often, you will learn it's still fine compared to some of her songs like DREAM. But it's acting like a slack track on this wonderful single so if you feel like not listening to such uninspiring song, I'd advise you to skip the whole track and go back to track 1. another planet was much more heartfelt really, compared its remix that doesn't sound too interesting. But I really have to say even if I'm ambivalent with Maiko Iuchi's composed tracks, I cannot deny the fact that she kept on composing such uninspiring songs like this. She's complicating me sometimes because one time, she composes good songs then the next, it will be a sore loser one and vice versa.

Overall, still 5/5 because not all singles are 100% perfectly made right? Even if it has its downsides, that's what makes the single more amazing and outstandable. ^___^

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