Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Indelible Change!

sentiment: agitated!
harmony: "Indelible Name" by eufonius

Today was a particularly boring day for school. Know why? Because it's been 2 consecutive times that my professor didn't show up his f**king face. I've been waiting like a patient kitten (for almost an hour) in front of the classroom just so I won't miss this because this subject is a free elective and it's for IT students only. I don't want to destroy the image of BM students... o__o so I waited just like that but it has happened already twice! The worst is, it's my first... and last class which is around 8:00am-11:00am! It was damn raining outside (since it's already rainy season here in the Philippines) and it's so cold that's why it's hard to wake up in the morning! Didn't he know that it was really hard to cut your goodnight sleep then all he can do is not show himself in our class!! F**k this. :|

So what's with the change? I think it's because of my multiply site. xD It has changed it's name from oh-so uber long name to just-right length for a site name. :D And since I'm so addicted to eufonius's song in their latest album Metro Chrome, I decided to take it's name for this small site o' mine. xD I was so moved with this song!!! I totally recommend this to all J-music lovers!!! o.o It's so... addicting!! With the right blend of drama blended with some lovely orchestra sounds and some rock plight! I really like love it!!! A very strong track -- I'm so eager to translate it... But I need some assistance from someone who knows more Japanese language than me. =o

And not just the name! The layout as well!! But it's just a simple one... I just found this one but it's cute with Kyoya on my main banner... And it's a good thing the creator of this one is fine with modifications of the skin and copycat-ing the codes and apply them to your skin! I'm going to make my own skin soon with the use of the codes... xD *can't wait*

What's shocking is that this album didn't entered the top 50 Oricon weekly charts!? WTH?! The album was enjoyable or is it that eufonius is not that famous or popular? Err... if you were to ask me, I enjoyed listening more to eufonius than to Arashi and KAT-TUN... I don't know... But maybe I'm not into boy bands either. Hey no flaming please! This is just a state of my opinion! If you flame me, then... there's no blaming you... But that please show some respect! It's not that I don't like the two boy bands mentioned but I think some of their songs didn't really deserved to be on #1 spot (just because they're famous and all) because they didn't have much quality than their previous win songs. Ah well, opinion is just an opinion. Like, it's going to change the score? As if.

Ah that's it for tonight... I'm starting to feel sleepy... I should as well call it a day now. I only had a few hours of goodnight sleep last night...

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