Monday, June 09, 2008

The Diligent Student (?)

sentiment: wakaranai~
harmony: "Taishou.a" by anNina

Ara~ you must be wondering about the title, right? If you must know, I really am the most diligent school of San Beda College Alabang this first semester. Know why? I only have 6 units this semester which is only equivalent to two subjects (with 3 units per subject). My schedule? It's easy as this:

WF (01:30-03:00) Peace Studies & Human Rights
S (8:00-11:00) Internet and Web Applications

Ugh, I kinda hate this but what can I do? I don't want to take a leave because it'll just ruin my crossplaying plans. x__x And besides I still have to deal with my thesis although it's not included up there. I have to finish it so that I could graduate this March of 2009. I'm still nervous about the coming defense because I'll be doing it by myself... *hugs self* How I wish there would be an angel somewhere who can come with me in the defense proper. o_o *as if*

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