Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are You Feeling Free?

sentiment: I'm free! *joke*
harmony: "Free" by Bonnie Pink

Ahh... This sound sure is suitable for the mood... Bonnie Pink is love! XDD so relaxing... Even though tomorrow afternoon will be my first day of classes (please refer to my previous post).

What I didn't realize before is that most of the fanlistings that I joined went ... blank. I mean it vanished and when I keep on refreshing the page, it's not really appearing!! T__T And sad to say, I have to delete 'em even if I don't want to. And I joined a new fanlisting... which is for Hitomi Takahashi since I like her a lot especially Bokutachi no Yukue and and I'm free. xD I hope my fanlisting won't end up that way too... I love that even though it's nothing extravagant... And speaking of my Mami Kawada fanlisting, I just updated and re-vamped the layout. xD It's not really something great because I just made the layout simple... Courtesy of portamento PV. XDD Pay a visit if you're "free"!

JOINT: A Mami Kawada Fansite & Fanlisting

Yes, it's already in one pack. xD Fansite + Fanlisting = JOINT!!! (what the?!! xD) It's good thing Mizuiro-chan approved it. Thanks Mizuiro-chan and BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =) And I have some buttons/codes replaced because they were kinda horrible if you're going to ask me. Then why did I uploaded that before if I'm going to replace it and say it's horrible? I don't know myself but whenever I see those "horrible" codes, I get dismay all of a sudden. o_o

Ahh enough already. xD Today I was really feeling free and I finished up Clannad 21. xD 2 more episodes to go and I'm finished. xD *got excited* I have to sleep now even if my class will be on 1:30 pm... Still have to prepare my things... since I haven't done that in the past few days. XP


  1. Ahh... I remember my Fanlisting phase. I was so obsessed about fanlistings before.

    Oh and I thought you should know, I just recently watched Ouran Host Club. (hahaha how late, right?) If there's a fanlisting about the twins.. damn, I'd probably put it up my site. haha

  2. Yes I was also into fanlistings in the past months but some already faded away so I have to erase them... >_< demet...

    wow Ouran... xD well it's never too late to try out new animes nee? :) Even I experienced that... Urumi-chan and the others are already squeeing about how wonderful Ouran is, while I kinda slipped out of the topic because I didn't know anything about Ouran before... xD I just watched it a few months ago... Don't worry you're not alone, my dear. >:)