Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More on Updates

sentiment: a bit hungry
harmony: "β-Nendo no Hoshi" by Kotoko

Today was a bit busy day for updates and a bit on driving. Today was my last day for driving school and all I could say is... Yeah, I did improve a little but it's still hard especially in reversing part... Unlike any other usual driving day, today was a two-hour special and it's about time that I used the 5th gear. xD It was my first... and last time to hit the 5th gear and I reached 100 km/h in the expressway. xD Talk about klutzy moments. xD

Now working on my cyber life, yes, it's still the routine... xD uploaded some music in my multiply (if you noticed, my KOTOKO playlist has already reached 129 songs, Eiko Shimamiya playlist has already the songs from Hikari Nadeshiko album). And then, I edited Rythem's page at English wiki -- specifically the discography. Before, the single/albums doesn't have their own page and Rythem didn't have their own template but now, they already have... But I just filled up the first 5 singles... the 6th-16th single will get updated in the next few days. xD *talk about getting indolent*

And of course, updating my collective which I haven't done for ages. Sorry, Mizuiro-chan if you're reading this. I promise I'll be active again since everything is fixed again.

My Mami Kawada fansite got updated too but as much as I want to revamp the layout, I don't have the genki-genki powers to make it so I'll set aside it for now.

Right now, I'm feeling quite hungry and tired so I'll call this a day for now.

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