Monday, May 26, 2008

Love is money?!

oh my, when did love became money?! =O Ask Kaori Utatsuki or Maiko Iuchi (the composer/arranger for the song) or better yet, ask KOTOKO! She's the one responsible for writing the lyrics, nee? *wink* Oh well before I sleep, I'm just going to post the short version of the opening theme for Shakkin Shimai 2 entitled "Love is money?!".

Love is money?!

Composition/Arrangement: Maiko Iuchi
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Vocals: Kaori Utatsuki

(Side Comment: Since I can't find any rip of this song, I have to hurt my eyes and download the game trailer and saw something I don't want to see. =__= Ah well, at least, I already ripped the music nee?)

If you're going to ask me, even though it aches my head, I'd still prefer Mami Kawada's seduce rather than this one. This one's very different from the first like converting from rockin' "headachey" noisy song to one cutesy horrible song. Once again, Maiko declined in her arrangements... o_o She's quite popular to eroge themes if you ask me. It's quite a boom because she composed/arranged for all KOTOKO's eroge theme songs... From La clef, Joushiki! Butler Koushinkyoku, Stars Biscuit, Swift Love and what more? The B-side for KOTOKO's recent single Special Life! entitled capriccio ~Kokoro wa Itsumo Komori nochi Hare~ was also composed/arranged by Iuchi! You can't really believe it but I'm liking capriccio bit by bit.

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