Monday, May 26, 2008


sentiment: at ease
harmony: "Candy Line" by Hitomi Takahashi

Yay! I'm totally back in blogging... xD Well I missed posting like this in a while because I haven't been posting for almost 4 months. And my PC just got fixed and we got our broadband connection back and voila! This calls for a par-teh! XDD Not exactly~ Just posting here makes me feel comfortable and I've really missed posting in my own blog. *huggles meh blog*

I haven't done single & album review for a while and I realize that's what I've been missing since my PC got f**ked up. But I still don't have much time since it's already evening and I have to sleep early for my last day in driving school. Yes, I've been into driving since last week and I have to confess, it's really harder than I thought would be. XP And I think I haven't improved much since the past few days. I tell you, it's really difficult especially during my first day, I find it uber hard since it was the first time that I touched the wheel... xP *feeling innocent* Ah well, I hope I'm much more focus tomorrow... xP

And oh yeah, here's a pic of me and urumi-chan (not recent but it's already 2 months ago) courtesy of Rei-chan from PhilCosplay event while we were at the Karate Kid. xD

Urumi-chan and Fred_Itachi

Haha! I just edited the whole stuff and make it like sort of a spoof... xD Oooh my hair was still short that time but my hair's longer now, it's almost the same with my old hair style. xD

And that's it. I just want to let everyone know that I'm back. xD I'm going to post more in the following days. ^_^ For now, I'll have to take my goodnight sleep. xD Ja, mata na!


  1. lsdamlsajdldjf LOL MY FACE! XDDD

    Welcome back to the blogging world oni! <33 Uwah, I'm so jealous - you have your broadband now! I'm getting impatient about our internet connection! D: D: D:

  2. Thanks imouto!!! (^_^) *vampy hug*

    Well don't worry. I was worst than that when I don't have my PC. D: I was like *grrrr* then *kyyaaahhh* then *aaarrrgghhh*. xDD I'm telling you, you don't want to see my face when I was doing that! Ö