Friday, May 30, 2008

At last! It's finished!

sentiment: sleepy
harmony: "Kubisuji Line" by Rythem
watching: Shakugan no Shana II episode 17, true tears episode 2

Hora! Hora! I'm finished with Rythem's complete discography at good ol' Wiki. xDD It's not the best description but it's certified hard work from moi! :DD Especially the Kubisuji Line! xD I'm loving the cover and it's my first time to make an article with alternate cover! *gets innocent again*

I'm getting addicted again with Rythem -- to the highest level -- to the point that I made a playlist of my Rythem collection on my multiply although I'm not yet finished uploading songs. Well, who's not going to be allured with their overflowing voice? Their songs are relaxing and delightful and some are touching (some of my favorite ballads are Komugiiro no RABUSONGU and Rapunzel). But of course I still love Harmonia, Houki Gumo, Kokoro Biidama and Mikazuki Rhapsody. xD And not to mention Kubisuji Line. xD

*yawn* Ah this day has been very short yet I got sleepy again so I'll have to call it a "night" again. I didn't do much today since I'm already finished with driving school (but I still have to attend driving lecture during Saturdays) and I'm not very helpful with household chores. Or maybe I'm just thinking too much again that's why I get tired easily? D:


  1. Discography at Wikipedia? As in the one I'm seeing right now? You made that? XD Although I'm not familiar with Rythem... galing kuya! XD

  2. Wow thanks siz! >D

    well I'm not really the one who made that page but before, every single has no page/link on it but now, they already have...x-D Well Rythem is not all that famous but you may have heard of them singing Harmonia for Naruto and Houki Gumo for Yakitate!! Japan. Well those are their famous songs, if you may have heard of them. ^_^