Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Long Day

sentiment: bored
harmony: "Hotarubi" by RYTHEM (up next "What A Day!!" by Jyukai)

Today has been one of the boring days of 2008 even the internet is present. No groovy TV shows, no new posts (in the forums), absolutely 0% new (well except for the new layout). So boring that I made myself another "crappy" blog layout. Yes, it may be crappy and dull for others but if you must know, I haven't touch Adobe Photoshop for ages and I wasn't able to craft something unique and something that will define my style. What I got right in this new layout is obviously the size. It's not oh-so-big that you will resort to 1280x1024 monitor resolution. It's much better now on 1024x768 which is the default resolution for most of the PC's. I promise I'll make a good one next time! ^_^

I haven't been editing on Wiki because I can't find any article that I can edit and I'm not in the mood to do some long-term editing anyways... Oh, it's already 2:45am in my watch... I should be sleeping soon since I have to go to school later to update the status of my subjects that will be arranged for adding and dropping on June 5. And yes, summer vacation is almost over and I still don't feel like going to school... I don't know, it felt like I'm restless that I don't want to do anything for the moment... Just spend quality times in the cyberworld, watch TV, eat... Haha! *what an easy-go-lucky and indolent guy I am* Or maybe I'm just saying this because I'm already tired and sleepy at the moment? Ah well, I'll just sleep the night *ehem*, morning away. xD

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