Friday, February 01, 2008

It's been a while...

sentiment: blah-blah. XD
harmony: "Galaxy" by Nana Katase

Wow, I missed posting RL situations. xD Lately, I found myself busy with my studies, gimmick with my friends (mostly bonding sessions which never happened before and unexpectedly, it happened to my surprise! xD) and some other things so I'm just posting reviews and some I've info. I didn't bug myself to post what happened the past few weeks but I'd say, it was amazing! Really real amazing because I never had a super bonding session with my so-called "real friends" for a while.

That bonding started last friday, in an unexpected encounter wherein, my friend Michelle didn't attend our Operations Research and then I met up with her just before I go home (after class) with my other friends Aby, Jen, Marian and Winona. They just arrived from Palms Country Club and brought lots and lots of food and it ended up gobbling them up (and I did the majority! :P since they already ate at Palms already). I can't tell exactly what happened why the "super bonding" started but it started as we pulled off another friend of ours to drink somewhere in Alabang Town Center. And yes he treated us but in one condition -- I will drink two glasses of booze. I think the main reason why it has to be this condition because Michelle told my other friends that I can drink brandy like I was just drinking water! XP (But I ended up having a hangover when I did that! XP) And so I told them, "Okay, no prob."

We situated ourselves at Gerry's Grill's bar and our generous friend ordered a beer tower (which we weren't able to finish in the end). And yes, we played the Killer-Killer game. To those who will lose the game (either by these situations: the police will lose if the killer will be able to kill the judge or the killer will lose if the police will be able to caught him/her on the spot), they will be asked by the winner. xD Yes, we were able to open up gossips, RL situations, outrageous experiences (including one night stands of those who experienced it before and the like) and some confessions. xP It was a very great day for me and I enjoyed every second of the moment because I got to know them better than usual. ^__^

Then Tuesday, we happen to talk somewhere and talked about love situations, gossips, backstabbers, plastics etc. And the following days, we were like that and I really like spending my time like that even if I were to go home late at night. xD But of course, that's not possible because my mom will get dead worried (Dead worried as if I'm just a 5-year older who got lost in the streets and wasn't able to grasp things on my own). It's a simple way of bonding -- we laughed, shared each other's sentiments, sympathy for what happened to them in the past, etc. It's like a part of learning wherein you'll be able to express what you want freely with no discretion and discrimination. And yes I'm indeed lucky that I have friends who are open, can wholly understand you. ^_^

At the end of the day, we were more comfortable and feeling light because we were able to release all the tensions and bad pressure toxins inside our body. xD I hope everyday we will be very productive like that. ^__^

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