Friday, February 01, 2008

BLAZE/sociometry TV sizes are up!

sentiment: bored
harmony: "siren" by Kotoko

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I'm not expecting the TV sizes will be up on the 16th episode of Shakugan no Shana II. o_o I thought it will be on the next episode! *demmet* But anyway, thanks to one of my sources, I already have my copy of BLAZE and sociometry TV sizes! For those who didn't know, these songs are the next opening & ending themes for Shakugan no Shana II both performed by none other than I've Sound singer, Kotoko. It will be her 11th single under the production of I've Sound and Geneon Entertainment and is scheduled to be released on March 12, 2008. This will be the first maxi single that Geneon and I've will release on this year and this will be Kotoko's 2nd tie-in with the anime series.

1. BLAZE (Lyrics: Kotoko; Composition/Arrangement: Kazuya Takase)
2. sociometry (Lyrics: Kotoko; Composition/Arrangement: C.G mix)

BLAZE, according to aibublog, is something that is very "trancey" which will be dispersed throughout the single. Yes! I expected so much and I was even excited to hear this song! But when I heard the song, to tell you the truth, I was disappointed a bit. =/ It's not something as powerful as JOINT and being. The introduction was not that great but it gets better as you get to the chorus. The techno-ish sound in the intro was fabulous but the overall impact is just average. Upon hearing Kotoko's voice, the first thing that ran through my mind, "Is this slow denpa?" Well primarily because she was using a little "childish" voice but her voice changed as the song goes on. Song is good, but not as great as JOINT. I'd say, Kazuya Takase disappointed my taste again. (-___-)

sociometry, on the other hand, was more amusing and upbeat than BLAZE. It's odd since this is the ending theme and I like this one better. The synths are way better and the tempo is faster. Typically identical to some of C.G mix's arrangements and I like it. Starts off with a rather interesting sound with a minimal-sound techno that gets louder and slow pace but it gets faster after several seconds. The melody is like a combination of Crazy For You -CLUB MIX- and Welcome to HEAVEN! -Remix- both by C.G mix but the difference is Kotoko's the one singing. Great, overall. I recommend this one!


  1. Wow that's quite an analysis of Kotoko's latest songs for Shakugan no Shana II.

    No comment for BLAZE, but the fight scene animations for the opening is good. Sociometry is interesting, though I overheard some people saying that it's like a medley of her previous songs together. :\

  2. True. I like how the anime video fits with the opening theme but for me, the song could do better. I like the song but in a different matter.

    Sociometry is great. ^_^ Well sure there are similar elements of the song that is already on her previous songs but it's different from all of her songs, at least on my opinion.