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Visit of love - single review

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Visit of love single review

No good! I'm gonna fall fast asleep again and I'm feeling it now. *yawns* So bored so I'm just going to make a review before I go to slumber proper.

Visit of love is the 7th single of the J-pop singer Sachi Tainaka under the Sistus Records label. And yes I just notice that Sistus people like to release album after 3 single releases and releasing it exactly two weeks after the release of latest single. *is not connected but it's an observation* As always, I'm not just making reviews and stuffs. xD Anyway, the title track was used as a theme song for some entertainment channel in Japan called "Prin-ce" and I don't have any idea what program is that. Overall, this is Tainaka's 2nd single tie-in with both Prin-ce and PERSONA respectively with the B-side With ~Harunatsu Akifuyu used as an insert song for the latter since her previous single Lipstick/Ichiban Boshi was also used for both.


  1. Visit of love (4:23)
  2. With ~Harunatsu Akifuyu (4:34)
  3. Visit of love -instrumental-
  4. With ~Harunatsu Akifuyu -instrumental-

And now going on to the critic proper, but you know what I'm going to say first? I'm not that much impressed with this single... Nothing much interested and I prefer Lipstick/Ichiban Boshi single more than this. Aitai yo./Kimi to no Ashita was even more phenomenal and exuberant even without the Fate/stay night tie-in.

Visit of love is something very experimental for Sachi. I couldn't felt the "Sachi Tainaka" that I have known with this song. It's so differently different and definitely not that memorable. I'd prefer Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni over this even though I didn't really like this song (and it happened to be her most successful single to date! Talk about uncommon tastes. 0.o) Low and weird synths as well. With some bits of jazz with the trumpets (like in Lipstick) but not too loud and has a very low aura which makes it not very special. Ranges from low-medium beat and I can't imagine how the dancers (in the PV) could dance such song. But despite all of this, I can still appreciate her voice because it is powerful as ever but not as powerful with Saikou no Kataomoi. And another thing, voice is powerful but is not much coordinated with the song. I mean Sachi could have done a better song than this and it really makes me want to freak out! Yes, for the first time! I appreciate despised a song from her!

With ~Harunatsu Akifuyu (eng. With ~Spring Summer Autumn Winter) is another ballad again but this time, it's very different from any of her power ballad. Instead of piano only, there is also guitar which makes it half-acoustic. IMO, this is more interesting than the first song although this is the B-side. o_o Not as dramatic and emotional than Ichiban Boshi, this light ballad is more likeable because it is simple at its best. This type of song when combined with Sachi's power vocals, it makes a more comfortable ambiance to your surroundings. Much much more relaxing and "down-to-earth" if I should say it.

Overall, I rate it 3.5/5. I can't comment anymore but I'll look forward to Love is.... I hope the new songs are much more win. ^_^

*more yawns* I'm really getting sleepy. Oh well it's already 2:47am here in my watch so I'd better doze off to lalala-land so I could wake up with no difficulty later nee?

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