Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Second Chapter

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harmony: "A Perfect Sky (Philharmonic Flava)" by Bonnie Pink

Ahh yes! The new layout is now finished! And I now all welcome the readers and passers-by to my blog's second chapter the "Scenario". After the 11 chronicles, comes a more revealing chapter of the blog and of course, my life as well. ^_^ Although the title of the first scenario is somewhat funny (or rubbish to some), at least it is very much unique and I was the only one who thought about it. XP

So why it is "UZU-MAKI alive"? You might be wondering? Well nothing much connection to Kotoko's 3rd album "UZU-MAKI" but the meaning of the word in English is Spiral. And the theme for my layout is the manga series by Kyou Shirodaira entitled "Spiral Alive". I just combined the two so more or less, it still has the same meaning. xD

To date, this is my second pseudo iFrame layout that I made for my blog. But the first one was rather simple and it has a glitch using FF. I think the JavaScript is not applicable to that browser, I must say. But I love this one more because it took me at least 9 hours to do this layout. xD Meaning it is a real product of hard work and sweat. xP *eww*

Anyways, I haven't done any review for my fave J-pop artists nowadays because I was very busy not only with my layout but also with my lessons so maybe I'll do the review next time. And I have to go now to do some certain things. o_o

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