Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sachi updates

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Kyaah! I know I shouldn't be doing this. xD It's already 4:30 am and I had only 2 hours of sleep as of now but I just can resist to tap the keyboards and search for more about Sachi Tainaka. As you know, it's already January 23, 2008 here and I was searching for more info about her latest single Visit of love which will released today and her upcoming 2nd album Love is.... And if I remember correctly, the cover that I posted here was not the limited edition cover but the DVD one. And so here it is, courtesy of amazon again. xD

Love is... limited edition album cover

And yes, she resembles BoA a lot here. o_o And this is a much prettier album cover than the DVD cover but both are real pretty. Some of the tracklisting have been revealed.

The first track will be the uber dramatic mushy Itoshii hito e. IMO, not a very good choice of first track because it should be something entertaining and amusing not downlifting.

Second track will be Lipstick, which should be on the first track, I'd say.

Third track is a new song called Sayonara, and I'm assuming this will be a ballad because of the title.

Next track is the another uber cheesy dramatic Ichiban Boshi.

Fifth track will be the latest song Visit of love which is a fairly upbeat song but not too delightful and memorable. I just heard the long version from the PV when I watched it awhile ago at Dailymotion. I'd still prefer Aitai yo anytime because IMO, the latter single was a much stronger one even without the Fate/stay night tie-in with the other song Kimi to no Ashita. It rather moved my heart rather than just a lighter upbeat like Visit of love. But I'm still looking forward to the B-side.

Other tracks have not been revealed but according to amazon's information, the said album will be having 12 songs all in all. And I'll be looking forward to them all.

Another side comment, with the not-very-much delighting Visit of love, I don't think it'll be a single that'll reach top30 in the Oricon charts next week but who knows? I'm not closing my doors to other possibilities but the chance of said accomplishment will be 20-80, IMO.


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  2. oh there was a glitch with FF but I already repaired it. You can see the archives (memorablia) in the navi part and the 10 previous posts. ^_^