Monday, January 21, 2008

5 Weird Things

sentiment: restless
harmony: "Kougousei" by Jyukai

Oh yes, here I go again after everything that happened to my miserable life. xD As much I want to make this a meme, ermm I don't think people will be interested in posting this in their journal or wheresoever.

Okay, what are the 5 weird things that I noticed around me (as in everywhere)?

  1. It's weird that I can't seem to configure what's on my mind lately. Before I use the PC, I already plan what are the things I'm going to do but lately, I ended up not doing those plans that I made. x__X I admit I forgot the others but there's one thing that I can't forget yet I can't do for now --- making a new blog layout. XD *gets shot* Well, my mind's still confused on what theme I'll be doing this time. I can't seem to think any. *gets shot again*
  2. Many people doesn't know how to spell my surname correctly. More or less 15% only of my acquaintances know how to spell it correctly. x__X Now how about that? XD My surname is too long but I don't know, I didn't have the hard time spelling it myself when I first learned to write. xD *gets splat by tomatoes*
  3. I have been very in-touch with Wikipedia lately. o_o I don't know about this but my inner conscience told me, "Make C.G mix his own page article! NAOO! As in NAO!" xD And that's why I made it although it has only few informations about him. =(
  4. I found myself speechless when my mother kept reminding me to do my thesis. xD
  5. And lastly, I don't find myself anymore interested in studying lately. That's why when the others got much higher midterm grades than mine (I really mean much higher!), I'd say "I don't care, as long as I passed, then it should be okay!" XD Oh yes don't aim high! xP I even told them "Don't study! It'll destroy your mentality! So no to study!" *gets shot even more*


  1. Hahaha!!! I can totally relate on the first one.

    Actually it just happened right now. Hahaha! I was supposed to do a lot of things but I end up doing nothing or something completely unrelated to it. hahaha!

    Thanks for dropping by ha!

  2. haha your very much welcome Nicole. ^__^ Well it happens almost all of the time but they say opportunities come and go. And there will come a day, we'll be able to stick on our plans. xD Hopefully!