Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not in the mood lately...


: lazy
harmony: "cover link" by Eiko Shimamiya

My lazy alterego is striking up against me once again... And lately I wasn't much in the mood -- to study, to read my lessons, do my homeworks, etc. I don't know why but it's like I want to go hiatus at school although I know it's not possible... x__X I'm becoming lesser and lesser interested in attending class... Urrgghh I hate this! -___- But I'm feeling this... T.T

Or maybe I'm just too stressed? Or maybe there's something lacking in my life now? All I can say is, yes it lacks thrill, excitement and happiness specially when I'm at school. (- o -) *poor me* Well that's all I just ranted it out. Sorry for the very short entry. It looks like my blogging is a bit affected as well but I'll still post something in the near future. ^^, I'm just feeling blue these days... -__-

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