Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Series of I've News

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Wah I haven't posted in the last few days so before I start my post, Belated Merry Christmas to all! ^_^ I'm not in the mood to post these days so bear with me... XP

And so here are some news... I've Sound news that is... xD

First off, Eiko Shimamiya. XD Well not some big news... Her website layout has new... xD Well not something real new. At least it is now similar to the I've Girls' layout and it has now a preview PV for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Grewl. x3 Not something big but at least the layout is not for her O album anymore. But it would be better if they would've made a layout for promoting her latest single which was Naraku no Hana.

And here's another from what I've read in the Firstron. She already has an upcoming 3rd maxi single which was the WHEEL OF FORTUNE/Diorama. Although no release date has been stated and I'm still not sure of the single title. Firstron certainly is excited that they already included it in the discography list of I've. But I'm pretty sure that this single would come on 2008 as these songs are going to be used as intro and outro theme for live-action of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni respectively. And I already had a 33-second preview for the WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Not totally good on the preview but I hope my impression would change once I hear the long version.

Secondly, KOTOKO. Unfortunately, her latest single entitled Real Onigokko didn't do that good in the Oricon top 200 weekly charts. Although I could still say it still has a good position unlike the other J-pop artists that I like. Here's the daily charts position of the single:

debut -- #6
2nd day -- #9
3rd day -- #14
4th day -- #16
5th day -- #20
6th day -- below #20
7th day -- below #20

Top 200 weekly chart position: #15 (7,588 first-week sales)

Oh yeah, although you might say that #15 is a not-so-bad position but if you'll look at its first-week sales, it's oh-so-terrible. Usually, singles in the #15 position in the Oricon weekly charts acquired more than 10,000 sales but this is the first time that I saw such a decline in sales in an outstanding place. Or maybe, it only had a good sales on its first day and then regretted on buying the single because of its not-so-impressive PV and single cover? Maybe because that's the only reason I could think of. The title track and B-side songs are quite good since the producer Kazuya Takase worked hard to regain his name as the greatest composer in I've Sound. But with this, it looks like either C.G mix and Tomoyuki Nakazawa are the ones who are composing much more great music.

But even if that's the case, KOTOKO has still been the choice of many eroge creators to perform for the theme songs. And I have been very blew up since I'm collecting her songs and yet it's dramatically increasing. O,o Oh my HD, please hold on! *pats CPU* And yes, I've also updated her discography in the English wikipedia. If you are surprised that you see a separate page of Kotoko's discography (since you didn't see any from your last visit), blame me for making it! XP

And lastly (but of course not the least), I have created an article for MOMO in the wikipedia!! It was rather a late accomplishment since I was already planning of creating a page for her on the past few weeks but I was quite busy. I just finished her article last night and although it doesn't have that much content/info, at least, I finished it in one piece. XD And since I love MOMO, I initiated of making it and for me, she will be always be connected to I've Sound although she "graduated" from there a year and a half ago.

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