Thursday, December 27, 2007

Randomness Ranting

sentiment: discontented
monitoring: Shakugan no Shana II episode 12

Aggghhh!!! I just watched it! Yay!!! Huwaahhh!! The next episode airing will be on Jan. 10, 2008!! @_@ Waahh! I'm so vexed! When it's already heating up and then suddenly they will aire the next episode after 3 flat weeks!? x__X

Yes, you got it right. Action will be around in the next episode since Pheles, the green-haired girl in the opening theme has already appeared! And she's oh-so back to retrieve the Reiji Maigo from Yuuji!! XD And Margery Daw already discovered the Yuuji has the silver Fuzetsu! Uwah, does this mean Yuuji is an enemy? Not really. But Margery is really heated up just by looking at the preview! And since she was looking for the silver all of her life (for a still unknown reason but we all know that it's for vengeance) and it's the reason why she became a Flame Haze, killing it would be an accomplishment or goal for her.

So what will happen to Yuuji in the next episode? A tomogara and a flame haze is after him, what can Shana and Wilhelmina do?! Gawd, I'm uber excited on the next episode!!!! X__X I wish they could aire it ASAP!! Can't wait for it!! X,x


  1. Neeee~ Lookie here! ^^

  2. Errr... eto. =__="

  3. waaii thanks yuki-chan!! ^__^ huwaaw asteeg ng greetings natin ahh!! xDD~