Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Little Help? Care to Help?

sentiment: excited!!! XDD
harmony: "JOINT" by Mami Kawada

Can I get help from everyone here? Just a small help?? xDD~ Specially from my fellow I've Sound fellows here?

Go to this site:

Ok so let me explain, I've Sound is having there a "Best of 2007" song poll. You have to pick only one (1) song from there that you think is the best composed song this year 2007. And there are plenty of choices, including what I'm listening to now, which is JOINT by Mami Kawada.

As of now, the said song is still in the leading place with 74 votes (2 came from me, don't ask how I did it! XD) For more info about the results, go here:

So much for rejoicing, so what help do I really need? Please vote for JOINT!!!! XDD~ *gets banged* hahaha! I want that song to win hahaha! Now that's dirty hahahaha! *a big lol* Because for me, it's the most fantastic super duper ever great song that I've Sound produced this year. XDD~ Please cast your votes... hahaha! Photobucket Photobucket


  1. *testing*

    I tried to cast a vote, but 404 appeared. >__< Is it closed already? D:

    Though it's uber cool that JOINT is still in leading place. YAY JOINT! :D

  2. ahh yes... it has closed... because the deadline was a day after new year... hehe... and JOINT was still in the leading... xD *oh sweet joy*

  3. Aww... Sayang din ang isang boto! XDDD;

    I think it's clear that JOINT will win. :D *is excited for the results*