Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Special Day

sentiment: uber happy (and tired as well)
harmony: "Bokura ga Mimamoru Mirai" by Kaori Utatsuki
watching: Velocity of sound live

At long last, my birthday celebration with my friends was a big success! xD

I would like to thank these people: Martin, Nikki, Jobelle, Joie-C and of course, Ray. ^__^ If it weren't for these people, my celebration won't be as great as I expected. Thanks again guys for contributing happiness into my life. And to those people who are supportive to me. ^__^ Thanks! I know you know who you people are! :D

Right after we meet at our meeting place in FEU, we ate at Yellow Cab. And I want to thank Martin for contributing for our pizza! If it weren't for him, I would be as poor as beggar and I will have to walk home (and imagine it's 30 kms. away from our house!). Thanks buddy!

Then we went to the Ever Gotesco Mall and enjoyed the group pic (I'll post it here when I scanned it! ^__^), the arcade and of course, the bonding. Again, we can't end the day with these following activities, conversations about RP, animes, funny videos etc., music trip, food trip and the like.

And I just noticed at the end of the day, imouto-vamp Nikki-chan was getting addicted with MOMO's Velocity of sound and MELL's Red fraction. This is really is it. xD I am already influencing imouto with I've Sound. Ooohh yeah, techno rocks! xD nyahurhur~

Today was a little shorter and faster... we didn't notice the time... I wanted to stay longer but we'll see each again next time. If only I'm the time keeper, I will set the time to afternoon again so that we'll be together again... Urrgghh... Oh well, there's still next time so no need to cry over spilled milk. I arrived home at 10pm and boy was I satisfied? xD Thanks for the gifts, Ray and Martin! No matter how simple the gifts you give, it's always a big one for me and I always appreciates, just like land, it never depreciates, it always appreciates. Oh my, here comes these economics terms again... XD

And for Nikki, Jobelle and Joie-C, even if you don't have a gift, your presence at our celebration awhile ago is already the gift you've given me. ^__^ I wouldn't enjoyed our mini-celeb without any of you. ^__^ Thank you again!

Ohh, how many times did I used the word "Thank you" or "Thanks"? Oh well, I wouldn't be saturated to say this (even a million times) if it's for you guys! =)


  1. I so glad you have fun kapatid? It's been a long time since the RYOGA REUNITED~! :D did you recieve my text message? :D I think you got thinner than the last time? ohh.. well I'm the same anyway..

    I already mish you guys. I'm quite busy now... I'm preparing my things for going to my province.

    Thanks for the link! I'll post too my blog! one of this days.. in laguna.

  2. Yep I enjoyed every second of it! ^__^ And thanks for being part of it! :) Yes I receive your message but I didn't have enough credits to reply (I'm sorry). And yes, you got it right, I got lighter by 5 lbs. I guess. xDD

    We miss you already too! Hahaha enjoy your Christmas in the province. ^_^ text text na lang pag nagkaload. ^__^