Monday, December 10, 2007

Real Onigokko preview

sentiment: enjoying my milk tea
harmony: "Collective" by KOTOKO

Real Onigokko single cover

*sips milk tea* ahh yes, milk tea is so creamy and delicious that I could drink it more than 5 times a day. But that won't really happen in reality since it's a bit expensive. Oh well, going to the main topic, I know it's already been weeks since the preview for KOTOKO's 10th maxi single Real Onigokko (Real Game of Tag in English) has been released but I was very anxious of the very short preview available so what did I do? Well I just combined the two previews available (combination of the previews available in the main website of the Real Onigokko film and from the special Geneon website). Although the quality of the previews are not consistent, at least it's still bearable to hear. Take a listen here:

It's a 62-second preview of the song. And here's the lyrics that scrolled from the special Geneon website which is the chorus part:

yokubou e
tsuba wo haite ketsu betsu no peal
ubawareta mirai tori modosu takami no august murder
subete ga asu e to nagare blow away and wipe out
tsukareta te hashi ga toki wo matsu

I'm excited for this single because it's a good song! From a previous denpa single then to a very serious and awesome single. It was a very unpredictable shift but so far, it's very good. Despite the very simple looking single cover, the song really got my attention. I can't wait to hear it's B-side song entitled siren and I am having a hunch it'll be a downbeat song and there's a possibility it'll have a little dark taste as well. The single is scheduled to be released on the date before my birthday, December 19 and it'll be next week! Yay! xD I'll bet I'll be listening to it the whole day in my birthday. =P

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