Saturday, December 08, 2007

Kotoko's songs increasing (HD at stake!)

sentiment: just fine
harmony: "HALLUCINO -Remix-" by KOTOKO

Nowadays, I don't know myself why am I having the stimulus to download more Kotoko's songs. Yeah sure you know I'm an I've Sound freak but I never intended to complete Kotoko's oh-so-big discography. It's like climbing up Mauna Loa in Hawaii coming from below sea level. But right now, even if I don't have to dictate myself, I'm downloading at least 4-5 songs everyday when I had the chance. o_o I'm still a bigger fan of Mami Kawada though. xD *gets banged*

Currently, I already have 77 songs (excluding the instrumental, karaoke and off vocal versions of the other songs) uploaded in my KOTOKO playlist in my multiply. Not a bad amount, eh? But I still can't be proud of this collection... I still have many songs that I haven't DL'd on her whole discography. I think she already has 200+ songs so a big GOOD LUCK to me. xD *lol'd*

Oh well, there's no time limit on collecting this so I'll be taking my time on this matter. But I'm having a hunch, I'll be completing her discography despite the fact that my HD is limited... Oh well, I'll just burn the other music files and store them in a safe safe place. xD So don't be shocked when I got already 100+ of her songs in my multiply one day. =P haha! Expect that it'll happen. XP

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