Friday, December 07, 2007

Life's so dull

sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "Fuchidori no Sekai" by KOTOKO

Ugh, I missed my blog... I haven't posted here for several days... I admit I was really busy with some things and with school of course. I don't even feel that Christmas is just around the corner although it's really fast approaching, no doubt about it. And what's frustrating is that our class is until December 21... I wish it was already vacation because I need one... because I haven't had a time for myself these days because of paper works, studying and reports etc.

And I am rarely watching animes simultaneously. Yes, I still download but after I download, that's it. I can't watch because I still have to finish my homework and study for recitations. And I seldomly load my cellphone with credits since I don't have the time to text/message all of my friends. So sorry to those who keep on messaging me and yet I didn't reply. Yes, I received and read all your messages but one thing about life is insufficient of money so please bear with me... -__-

And there you go, I just want to let it out... I have to sleep now... My bed's inviting me to go there... And I felt the need for it since I haven't had a full sleep nowadays.


  1. *snuggles oni*

    I think we'll have classes until the 17th, but that's still tentative. Mou...

  2. wah... I hope that's true so that we can go out exactly at the date of my birthday. ^_^