Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ai no Hoshi/Hanamuke no Melody

sentiment: fine
harmony: "Ai no Hoshi" by Jyukai

Finally, I had the time to review this single. I wanted do this ASAP but I didn't have the time lately. I'm very busy with my life these past few days so I didn't have much time for blogging and reviewing. And I know, I'm a bit too late to make this review since this was released a good two weeks ago. Anyway, another revelation, this is my first time reviewing a Jyukai single. Maybe I'll be doing a "catch-up" review for their Wild flower album when I have the time but it'll be posted in my multiply.

Getting into the review proper...

I. Introduction

Ai no Hoshi/Hanamuke Melody (Star of Love/Farewell Gift Melody in English) is Jyukai's 6th single under Sistus Records (same as Sachi Tainaka) which is a subsidiary of Geneon. The title track was used as the theme song (both opening and ending theme respectively) for the Ah! My Goddess Tatakau Tsubasa, an OAV. I didn't know much for the anime (as I'm not a big fan of Ah! My Goddess) but surely this is the second tie-in of Jyukai to this anime (The first was Koibito Doushi, their second single which was used as the 2nd ending theme for Ah! My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa and a personal favorite although it didn't do quite good in the Oricon). And correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first single that Jyukai had 5 tracks on it since there are two B-side songs. I absolutely love the cover... they love (take note, LOVE!) photographing to lovely sceneries. Wait till you see the harvest album cover! That is totally love! I'll be reviewing that album later. ^_^ And just by looking at Manami's outfit in the cover, it must've been very chilly there with the jacket and bonnet but I totally like her outfit. It really fits her.


  1. Ai no Hoshi - 4:01
  2. Hanamuke no Melody - 4:25
  3. Kaerimichi - 2:57
  4. Ai no Hoshi (Instrumental) - 4:00
  5. Hanamuke no Melody (Instrumental) - 4:24

II. Review Proper

Sorry, I have to skip the listening proper, I didn't have much time to upload them in my eSnips *gets banged*. For multiply readers, lucky you, I'll be uploading them in my Jyukai playlist maybe this weekend haha! But I bet the readers of this review already have a copy of this single. *sobs* Anyway...

Ai no Hoshi, I'm loving it!!! I'm so in love with this song!! o__O Jyukai rocks my socks for this one! Why does Yoshiaki and Manami continues to amaze my taste? Oh well, they really are talented for me. One of the most superb song that they composed this year IMO. So great you'll repeat it more than thrice. XD Starts with the guitar beats and xylophone (I think) then after 5 seconds, it turns out to be a very rockin' soft rock track. Manami's smooth voice blend well throughout the song specially in the chorus. And there are whistle-like sounds in the beginning part and after the first chorus part which makes it groovy. Beats of drum and electric guitar - at its best, usual. Yoshiaki Dewa always does the great things when it comes to win soft rock songs. The only unsatisfactory part of the song is its ending. It's like it just ended because it already needs to. But nonetheless, I still love the song. A refresher song beneath the downbeats, wait till you hear the next tracks, you'll surely fell asleep if you're not a ballad appreciator, that is.

Hanamuke no Melody, on the other hand, relaxes your adrenalin after hearing a very upbeat track which is mostly the case in the usual singles. IMO, there are only few singles wherein the A and B side songs are both upbeat. Much alike from their Komoriuta and Hoshi Akari songs as it shows the mellow and romantic side of the anime series, which an ending theme usually does. Starts off with a guitar (again) then starts off Manami's stimulating mellow voice then at the chorus, it becomes soft rock at its downbeat side.

Kaerimichi is a piano-only ballad. This is much more boring than the previous one yet I still appreciate this touching song. This is the first time that I heard Jyukai having a piano-only ballad but it's not half bad. I like how the piano was played plus with Minami's singing voice. It's still something I can appreciate but I still prefer Ai no Hoshi. And I'd say, this is one of Jyukai shortest song in history -- 2:57

Overall, I'd rate this a 4/5. I like the single! Much more better than the Hoshi Akari and Sakasete wa Ikenai Hana single.

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