Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Boring Turned Great Day

sentiment: tired
harmony: "Sukarabe no Inori -Ulysses Mix-" by Eiko Shimamiya

Today was a lot hassle. Awhile ago, I was late for my first and last class Operations Research despite the fact that I depart from home early. But the traffic approaching Alabang Town Center up to Alabang Hills Village was horrible. It was just a few meters away and yet I arrived at my destination for 15 minutes. o_o

Next, the tricycle station in the village was... I don't know, annoying? There were no tricycle when I arrived and there are many students that are stucked (and I was one of the helpless victim) because of the congestion on the outer lane (in which the automobiles are on the direction of leaving the village) and the tricycles were stuck as well. Then how about us, who are going inner in the village? My feet doesn't want to walk although I really wanted to do that. Maybe it's because of the very hot weather. My skin might get burned with too much exposure to sunlight.

My friend already texted me to hurry because they were already starting with the quiz! But what can I do if I'm stuck in the tricycle terminal with too many passengers lining up. And that's it. I arrived late in the class for 21 minutes. My class was 1:30 and I arrived at the classroom at 1:51. x_X And the quiz? It was so HARD! I love to hate Operations Research and Productions and Operations Management! Specially if you're stuck with same professor with some attitude of giving too low grades. Oh wtf... my day is kinda ruined.

After the class, we went to my friend's home somewhere in BF Homes to follow my friends and wait for them to finish their assignment. I could've just go home but my conscious don't want to. Ah f*ck that's why I was able to arrive home at 8:00 PM.

But before I go home, I dropped by at the Festival Supermall and buy me a new mic! *ah yes!* And I already used it!! *oh sweet joy* I already performed Mag Mell (the original one) by eufonius and tried some other songs but sad to say, I failed into some. But by the end of the day, I also sang Mami Kawada's I pray to stop my cry -little sea style-. Haha! Although my voice is not that kawaii -- I tried but i failed, miserably. XD Haha! Joudan! xP

Well then, time to go. I still have class tomorrow later and it's early! XD I might get late again so I'll be heading to my bed now. ^^ I'll be making a review for Jyukai's harvest album tomorrow if I can. ^_^

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