Saturday, December 15, 2007

Old School and a New Trick!

sentimental: muhahaha!
harmony: "Feel Like dance" by globe

I was such a fool!!! I didn't know that the 1995 hit techno track Feel Like dance was from globe!!! o__O *banged* I love globe as well!! Well how did I find it out? While I was searching some info when suddenly *bump* I saw and confirm with my two eyes that it's globe indeed!! x__X *warui, warui* My parents were fond of buying "revival" tapes of this song that's why I didn't know that it was performed by globe and the techno pioneer Tetsuya Komuro. And now that I find that out, hail them!!! XD *hails* I just love this music... OLD SCHOOL J-trance mode. XD When I first heard this song, it got my adrenalin on the going and told my dad, "It's cool!". Although it's just a revival, and when I heard the original, it was more than great! XD Another realization, I already heard the original version but at that time, when I first heard it, I didn't know who performed it. xD *banged*

I downloaded its mp3 in eSnips... XD Oh talking about eSnips, I found out a new trick wherein you can have the song even if there is no "download" button available. Ever since that new audio policy (the download permission policy, that is) was implemented, many ranted because they have to edit the details of the uploaded mp3s one-by-one! I mean, if you have uploaded quite a sum of mp3s in your directory, you'll have the option to let it downloaded by the other eSnippers. But you'll have to edit it one by one and it's kind of... time-consuming. The default setting will be "no download button" unless you edit its details and check the check box in the lowest part of the page. Actually, I didn't know that eSnips implemented such policy if it weren't for some kind eSnippers and informed me of the new policy starting first day of December. Thanks, Mikan! ^_^

The most frustrating part is that what if the others are not in the mood to do that? Then it's a problem, isn't it? Then cry no more! Here's the trick on how you could get the mp3 without hassle of PM-ing the uploader to edit its details. xD Click the song you want to download. Then, listen to it as if it's just an audio stream. Wait until the music is finished. After the music has finished, check your Temporary Internet Files. You can access it via Tools menu and choose Internet Options. In the General tab, you can see the Temporary Internet Files portion and choose Settings.... Then choose View files.... Then a folder will open in another window. Then arrange it in any order you want (either it be by Date Accessed or File Type) so you can locate the file immediately. If you see a music file there with the URL of eSnips, then probably, that's the one you listened in the eSnips. Copy it and paste it somewhere you want. And that's it! Problem solved! XD

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