Friday, November 16, 2007

Total NEMEET Day! >_<

sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "I pray to stop my cry -little sea style-" by Mami Kawada

Today was a very cursed day... I will never forget this day as well because it's so bad... so bad that I want to scream to the top of my lungs and cry! -___-

First, I went to school to finish some works before I'll meet Jen in the Paseo de Magallanes for the Sagashi Ateru 2 discussions at 1pm. But I wasn't able to finish it quickly because my classmate (which is my groupmate) arrived late! And my prof was nowhere to be found and we'll have to find her or else we're doomed!

It took me at least 2 ½ hours to went out and went straight to go to Magallanes. Second, my biggest mistake! I shouldn't have taken the jeep that goes in the West Service Road! That road can be so very f**kin' shit unreliable. It was kinda under repair in some parts and it was uber traffic! There was even a little mishap/accident in the way that the jeep I rode went stroke for more or less 30 minutes. =___=

I got out at school before 12:30 and I arrived at Paseo de Magallanes at 2:50 PM!!! O___O;; it took me at least 2 hrs to go there when it's not that far away from my location... Ahh the hell with that West Service Road! I'm not going to take another ride from that goes there again! I've learned my lesson!

I am kinda expecting that Jen has departed already since I was out for the next 1 5/6 hrs of our supposed to be meeting time but I still tried. Oh so many fortuitous events these days... I have to be careful next time.

Third, when I rode the jeep to go back to Alabang, it suddenly rained! O_o it's a good thing, I was already inside the jeep so I didn't get wet thank goodness. But when I was already in Bicutan part, the rain stopped and the sun suddenly shone! Ughh, weather can be moody like people too, I guess.

Next, I went to Festival Supermall to pay for our broadband bill. When I was already in line to pay in the "ATM-like touch-screened machine" it went bizarre! And I have to line up to the cashier with a long-line ahead. At that time, I said to myself, "This is going to be a very long day".

And now, I'm having trouble with my account. It scrobbles some songs that I don't listen to!! I'm hacked!!!? But how!? T_T I didn't even have in other computers except here in my house!? I was just listening to pure J-music then suddenly I saw in my profile page in, "Who the f**k is this 'Van Halen'?! And what's this!? 'dream theater? O_o" I didn't even listen to their songs then why the heck are they scrobbled into my widgets!? WTF is this?! I searched in the support forum and did the password-change thingy but it didn't stop that hacker to keep scrobbling songs in my account that I'm not listening! UUURRRGGGHHH!!!! Whoever is that person scrobbling in my account, I'm telling you I'm not happy with what you are doing!! You could've just registered since it's free!!!!

*kyaah* *headdesks* I need to calm down... Or else I'll explode in the next few minutes... -___- I hope the problem with the will be fixed in the next few days or else, I'll be forced to delete my account and create another one.

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  1. I was wondering about your Last.FM for a while now, oni. @__@ Hope it gets fixed soon!

    *snuggles you*