Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kaori Utatsuki's Chasse cover

sentiment: LSS'd
harmony: "Chasse (TV size)" by Kaori Utatsuki

Chasse single cover

Ahh at last, a higher resolution of Kaori Utatsuki's Chasse single cover is now available. Thanks to amazon! If you look at the cover, you'd say "Wow, so vintage!" since it looks very classic and I'm hunching the font used for "Chasse" text was Impact. xD And as I see it, they took the meaning of the word literally which means "drive out". I can see a vehicle! o_O And what's this?! A couple of drinks and is that a bottle of wine? Hmmm... whatever.

Okay, to give you a hint of the song, it's a very slow-paced song much appreciated when you're in meditation or relaxation. And you'll get LSS'd when you hear this song just like I did. The "Lunlunlun lala lunlun lulu" fever will attack you and will make you sing wherever you'll go! It'll even haunt you in your dreams. X3 It is used as the 3rd ending theme for Hayate no Gotoku! or Hayate the Combat Butler. Well, it's better this way because I like the melody more than her debut single Shining stars bless.

It's B-side song Change of heart will most likely be a fluffy cutey-cute song again. That's just an assumption since most of her songs are really like that. Most likely same with her Senecio. But I would be delighted if there will be a cute denpa song (just like her JET SMASH!) in one of her singles in the future. I'm not that delighted but I got LSS'd with those cute lines of Jet Smash... xD *fuwa~fuwa... ecchi ni koshite!* hahaha!

Well I hope this will work since her debut single was a letdown not just on the single itself but with its total sales and Oricon weekly position. I'm excited to have the long version next week, November 21! Can't stop the "lunlunlun lala lunlun lulu" fever... x,X so bad yet so good. xD


  1. I never get tired of looking at Kaori-san's album cover. Me likey! :D

  2. I like it too imouto! ^__^ it's very classy IMO. >=D although they took the meaning of the word literally... xD