Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just Your Gothic Schoolmate

sentiment: exhausted (yet restless! XD)

After our last class, me and my friend Marian went out (of school campus) with some of our friends so that we could go home already. Then we we're hitched by one of our classmates and dropped us in the jeepney station in the Alabang Town Center.

Breaking the silence, I spoke up laughing and said, Ang tahimik natin sa loob ng auto kanina! Wala ako masabi! (In English, "We're so quite inside the car awhile ago! I have nothing to say!) Just as me and Marian were talking inside the jeepney, someone suddenly rode the jeepney were in. At first, I thought "Wow! A cosplayer! Good outfit!" But when she turned and see her face, my emoticon was "..." It's none other than our resident quirky gothic schoolmate. We didn't spoke until she went out of the jeepney in the Northgate Cyberzone area.

When she went down, we giggled, at first because of her appearance. xD Yes, she's indeed gothic with the heavy eye-liner and face powder. She's so white that my friend Marian was startled when she encountered this girl in the girl's CR in our school one time. XD But I have to admit, she's pretty and so white even if she's a bit chubby. She's got the looks and she can carry the outfit. But what I didn't like about that "expression" of hers is the fact that she's like too liberated. Okay, so I don't care about your fashion (if it's cool or not, why the hell I care?) and you can carry it BUT, you're wearing such tacky clothes in public? And with the British accent paying for her jeepney fare saying, "Bayad, please." (NOTE: Bayad means paying for the fare of any public vehicle) Ugh, so konyo. So I wouldn't be surprised if she got kidnapped one day. XP

Here's another point, why I hate it. IMO, you can be so fashinable and awesome with that gothic outfit but NOT IN PUBLIC. I mean, make it private. If you're gonna go outside, make sure you bring extra clothes which are appropriate in the eyes of the public, right? Be at least decent so that you won't be the center of attraction and distraction of the people. Ok, I said too much and I really don't care and I don't have time for her and her quirkyness (She really is weird, but I'm still weirder, mind you. =P lolz).

Oh well, I'm not gonna be problematic of other people again specially if I know, they don't care about me. xD gotta go to snooze. It's already 2 AM in my watch...

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  1. *gets stabbed*

    I'd wear dresses like that given the cash and resources. >__<

    But, of course, I don't need to even try speaking with Brit accent. I'm just about the clothes. *__*

    My style doesn't need to follow all the rules. Who says gothic little girls can't squee and fangirl?!