Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some Filipino Idiocy

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Ah before I go to the main topic, my last post was kind of "unfinished" for some reason because I was typing it at almost 3am and then while I was still typing, one of our dogs barked so loudly I thought that my dad has arrived! If he caught me still doing some stuffs in the PC at that time, he could've scold me the whole midnight. But the worst case is, it's just a false alarm! *__* My dad arrived at around 4:30 am! Ahh shucks... But it's okay, better play safe than sorry. xD

Now to continue on my last post, after our e-Commerce class, since we are almost surrounded by mosquitos and bees while waiting for our prof, we decided to call it "quits" and went to the gazebo to sit around and unintentionally kill time. But while waiting there, the strong rain began to shower the ground and the worst case is, I don't have an umbrella! But I do have my jacket and then run from the gazebo until I reached the guard house.

Our last class, International Marketing, was quite surprising. I thought our prof will be my favorite prof but it was my big mistake. My bad, my bad. But I'm still lucky because our prof looks kind and he still looked young - just like a fresh graduate. xD And we were dismissed early due to the strong rain.


And now let's go to the main topic, Some Filipino Idiocy. I'm not pertaining to all the Filipino people here because if I do, I could've labeled myself as an idiot as well. xP well sure, I act like a big dork/idiot at times but I only did it when it's joke time. I'm just saying that somewhere around me, some idiots are around. Why label them idiots? Because simple words they cannot pronounce very well. And after hearing "those words", I was lol'd after talking to them. They can be anywhere around the Philippine Archipelago, I tell you. xD These are some of the common idiocy that I encountered:

  • Fried Shickken - some konyos (for others who don't know this term, konyo or konyotics are people who mixed English and Tagalog in one sentence in a way, you'll laugh and at the same time annoyed if you know what I mean. It's like when you heard a statement from them, you'll raise one eyebrow and asked "WHAT!?") pronounced Fried Chicken in a very well-composed manner and at the same time, in a very sosy manner that they'll mispronounce a word. For example, those konyos will eat in the street and still goes on with their idiotic expressions and says while getting his/her piece of fishball (through a stick), "I will tusok-tusok the fishball..." a big LOL! xD Who wouldn't raise their eyebrow if you heard it while your on your way somewhere? Will you laugh or will you get annoyed?
  • And of course, Shokkolate will always be there. xP
  • And another person I know, pronounced Pentel Pen, as Pental Pen in which I really lol'd whenever I remember or cherish it. =3
  • Another is Liblary (instead of Library). That person usually invites me to go to this place when we were still a bit young. One day, she'll say, "Tara, punta tayong Liblary." (in English, "Hey, let's go the Liblary.") Funny, isn't it? xD
  • At school, there is this person who keeps speaking like this:

Fred: Oh, what's that?
XXX: Oh, this? This is a pre-advising form.
Fred: For what? And where did you get it?
XXX: Oh, I got it from the Departamental Office (instead of Departmental Office).

See how others didn't notice such small mistakes didn't matter to them and they kept on saying the same word until now. Oh, what big idiots - not using their common sense. But, it's okay. Whatever small mistake they commit, it's still funny in the eyes of the kids and of course, to the jokers like moi. xP *eebiilll mode*

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  1. LOL. They could have been in jail a long time ago if pronunciation idiocy was a crime. XD

    I was surprised when I heard my Lit professor say, "Departamental Exam" twice. She should know better! @__@