Friday, November 09, 2007

1st day was a headache!

sentiment: ishh tired
harmony: noise of the electric fan? lolz. =P

Hah! So much for great first school days but it ended up as a bit miserable day for me. First off, Marketing Research was half success and the other half is not because sad to say, I'm only the fourth year student there and haven't got a partner for my thesis. T_T But I'll do try harder even if I am doing this solo flight.

Second, Business Ethics was a bit boring... The professor has a very slow-paced voice that it affects the time as well. So boring, I could catch flies in the fields and I find it more productive and amusing rather than listen to his class. I hope he'll change in the next few weeks as I understand his position as a new hired professor in our school.

Philippine Literature was sort-of like a "light" one as it's only just a review of what we took up in high school and even if our homework is a bit longer than expected, at least I have many resources which will be easy for me.

E-commerce was a let-down. Our professor didn't make it and we waited there for aeons in front of the room.

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