Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boredom Strike

sentiment: sleepy
harmony: "O" by Eiko Shimamiya

This has been a very exhausting yet challenging day. But before the day ends, I'll just greet my good friend, Issa a happy happy birthday! If ever you're reading this, I miss ya already! =3 There, where was I? Ah yes, even if it's exhausting and hard (because of what happened when I went home), it's still a very worth day because my meeting with Jen for the Sagashi Ateru 2: The Prisoners of Fate scriptwriting job is a success! Thanks for treating me to lunch! =)

While eating and enjoying our rather sweet red (?) iced tea, we talked about the major characters on the upcoming movie although we only build 3 characters today since we spend two hours just for one character -- which is Rika Shinomori. xD Yesh, her character was a bit hard to build since it took us 2 hours to finish her and that makes her character interesting. xD

We also build Sentaro Atsunaga and Kaurie Tendoh's character but building theirs were rather shorter than Rika's even if they were combined. Weird yet amazing. xD What me and Jen did are just drafts. They're not yet the final works. It can still be changed but we'll still look for brighter ideas.

Next week will be my college retreat so I'm still not sure if I'm going to meet with her and imouto Nikki-chan next week for the meeting. I'd like to go as much as I can but I don't want to add another "sin" just after my retreat. But who knows? Since I'm really dedicated with SA2, I think I'll be meeting them Saturday afternoon just after my retreat. And it'll be +1 sin again for me. xD Oh well, I'm already used to these things so no worries. XD

And now, as much as I want to keep myself busy by expressing my feelings here at my blog, I'm now bored to death -- visiting forums and some sights and there's nothing very new and I can't find anything very interesting as of now so I'm kinda feeling dull sitting here in front of my computer. (-___-) What's worst is that my darn old cellphone retired already from its function so I won't be texting you all my friends out there. But you can still communicate with me through here or through YM..^^


  1. SENTARO!!! *squees*

    I regret not being able to contribute something about Rika. D: Oh well, Shiro and Reiji are still there. ^__^

    Hope we can meet next meeting oni! Good luck on your retreat! ^__^

  2. thanks imouto! ^_~ well like what I said (in my post) that is still subject to editing. Everything's not final so you can still contribute for Rika. ^_~