Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mami Kawada Fansite Updated!

I'm just going to announce to this blog (since this is connected to my multiply site) that I updated Mami Kawada's fansite. ^^ I spiced up the main page by adding some "On the Other News..." portion for news update about Mami Kawada. ^_^

I also added up the For our days and return to that place lyrics which are both from the new etude soft's H-game Soshite Asu no Sekai Yori or AsuSeka for short. For our days, music and arrangement credited to Kazuya Takase while return to that place (still both music and arrangement) credited to UETSU MIU or Maiko Iuchi. And of course, lyrics for both songs are credited to dearest Mami Kawada. XD the latter song was so much alike to her Hirusagari no Gogo in her SEED album since Maiko Iuchi also composed that song -- no wonder. And that I can't deny, she really is remarkable for composing (or sometimes arranging) memorable ballads for Mami Kawada (if I'm not mistaken, she also arranged undelete together with Tomoyuki Nakazawa). I just don't like the seduce song. It's so heavy and eeky to the ears. But I love Vacillate and melty snow. XD

Ok enough elaborations. Just check it out here. And if you're interested in listening to the the two new songs, you can always go to my eSnips account. Just search it there. ^_^

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