Sunday, December 02, 2007

At the H3 Con...

sentiment: happy!
harmony: "VANILLA" by Eiko Shimamiya

This post was supposed to be done last night but I was very tired and I didn't have a long sleep on the past few days so I felt the need to go to the bed.

Anyway, the Hataw Hanep Hero 3 Event in SM X Convention Center yesterday was pretty good! The place was neat and wide. I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy the event because I don't have the money to buy me a ticket. (--.) Thanks to Rei-chan, who bought me a ticket. ^_^ I'm really thankful that you're there, Rei-chan!!! Thank you very much! =D

There were too many people inside and many booths! Many fun activities like wall-climbing and rappeling were also present. But there's one thing that I really regret -- I wasn't able to join the Anime Sing Competition!!! TT__TT There were only few solo participants there. I'm not saying that they can't sing very well (so do I!) but they can do better, I'd say. I could've performed Mami Kawada's JOINT!!! huwaahh!! I missed the opportunity!! Ah well, I'll join next time. xD

What I really enjoyed in this convention was taking pictures! I've never been a camwhore before but because (at first before Martin and Marikit arrived) it's just the two of us and it would be a crime if we didn't take pictures when you have the digicam right? XDD So we enjoyed picturing the anime statues there and with the other cosplayers! At first, it made me nervous to approach one of the cosplayers and tell them that we want to take pictures but when you started the stuff, it gets really enjoying and you're bold enough to ask the others to take pictures next! xD

Even though, I'm not familiar with the other characters, as long as they're cute, *picture!* *camwhoring!* hahaha! Our friend Ray, who was participating in the H3 cosplay competition, was dressed as his favorite character in Trinity Blood as Father Tres Iqus but unfortunately, we were'nt able to see and talk to him (my other friends did when I already left).

I was waiting for him to show up in the stage but it was already 7:20 PM when I decided to left because it's already night and I arrived home at 9:00 PM. It was already on the contestant 80 or 90+ when I departed in the venue. And Ray said, he was cosplayer #139!! Oh no, if I waited for him, I would be going home at 11! I'll be damned piece of sh*t if I got home at that time. My father will scold me again for staying late at night but it was a good thing, he wasn't here last night (due to some important mission).

Jen was also there but she was busy scouting for new casts for her upcoming movie Sagashi Ateru 2 and we were helping her look for prospect as we walk around the convention but to no avail. But it's a good thing, she recruited 3 in this event and I'm happy for her. I must also work hard as the scriptwriter for this movie. xD I'm not promising that everybody will like the movie that we will make but we'll definitely work hard for it. ^__^


  1. Hello!

    I found your blog through your esnips site. ^^ I am commenting now to ask you if you've heard about the new esnips music policy...the new, really really STUPID policy, to say the least. Read about it here:

    As of now, all the songs you have up are under the default setting, which allows no downloading to occur. I was wondering if you could possibly change that...I know it's probably a bother to you, so please don't feel like you have to or anything...but I must say that I really enjoyed listening to and then downloading the Mami Kawada songs you had up.

    Thanks! ^__~

  2. Oops, the url got cut it is again (just enter it without the spaces):

  3. hey there mikan! Thanks for informing me! I didn't know that eSnips have a policy with the downloads! o_O I'll fix them asap... but I'm not promising today... because I'm busy these days but I'll be fixing them one of these days... ^^ hope u understand. ^^