Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is this a curse or what!? o_O

sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "Ichiban Boshi" by Sachi Tainaka

So much for sulking! *grumpy mode* why does I have to be so damned cursed when it comes to rainy days!? TT__TT Oh I'm just going to rant this...

Why the hell does it rain when I'm not bringing my big umbrella!? And when I'm bringing it, the opposite happens!? o_o It already happened a couple of times already so I don't think this is just your ordinary coincidence or what... It's still a good thing I still brought my jacket and cap to protect me from rain but I still ended up having a cold *sniffs*.

My day wasn't that good either... I wasn't able to give quiz into our Literature class since I didn't remember our prof saying that our group will be preparing one. And my prof in thesis still didn't return my topic paper... so I haven't started yet... damn that person. And I still have to do my Operations Research assignment and study for our quiz. o_O

Life's getting busier day by day. So I'll be posting less. Expect that it'll happen since I haven't posted for almost a week... Actually it's already a week but if you'll calculate (by hours), it's still 6 days and some hours. xD Time to get serious and I'll say bye for now. Still have some things to do in my list.


  1. I miss you, oni!!!! *clings to you*

    I miss posting in my Tabulas too. My spamming powers is concentrated in my LJ now, so it makes me kind of guilty for not updating my Tabulas. I can't balance 2 blogs at the moment with all the work I have to do. >__<

    So in case you want to read my rantyness, just check my LJ. I have most things in public view. :x

    *squishes you* The weather just loves making fun of us. T__T Oh how cruel.

  2. I miss you too imouto!! ^_^

    it's okay! I'm visiting both of your blogs so no problem with me! ^_^

    Wah did that happen to you as well!? >_< Is it because we, the vamp siblings are vulnerable when it comes to rainy season? T_T Wah not fair! >_<