Monday, November 05, 2007

JOINT, unstable position in the Oricon

sentiment: uneasy
harmony: "JOINT" by Mami Kawada

Continuing with the JOINT addiction, I'm still feeling uneasy with its position in the Oricon daily charts... x__X And of course, at the same time, I'm excited of its position in the weekly charts this coming wednesday... two more nights and I'll be able to know!!! X,x can't wait! *spams*

Here's the position of JOINT in the past few days...

Wednesday (day of release) - #10
Thursday - #9
Friday - #12
Saturday - #12
Sunday - (back to) #9

Arrgggh, I'm getting excited with this... xDD~ I hope it'll stay at #9 tonight... hopefully so that it will have a good positin reserved in the weekly charts. xD And I'll definitely spread the good news here in my blog on Wednesday night. xD I'm really hoping this will be Kawada's most successful single because IMO, it really is! ^_^


  1. JOINT didn't fall way down, and it's actually up for a fight, so the probability of the song snagging a good spot in the weekly chart is high. ^___^

    *clings to you for dear life* Oni, what intensity!!! XD

  2. oye. nice work with the layout, kesowwwww! =D flaming hottt.. tss.. =D

    i missed you! -___-;

    and oh.. i haven't heard that song yet. ~_~ can you suggest some songs, kesow? pang'update lang ng playlist. hehe =D

  3. imouto>> actually it fell down this night (actually yesterday night since it's already 1:46 am tuesday). It went down to #13... ~__~ uhh come on JOINT!! FAITTOOO OHH!! xD *imitates Kumiko Yamaguchi live action*

    kesow!! miss you na rin!! ^__^ thanks po sa compliment! =)

    try listening to JOINT, kesow! It's so, how can I say this? ASTEEGGG!! I know you like rock songs just like imouto, so why don't you try JOINT? andun ung widget sa home page dun sa "JOINT Single Review". ^__^ it's a flaming rock entrance! xD