Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JOINT is at #10!

sentiment: extremely happy!!
harmony: "triangle" by Mami Kawada

I just went to the Oricon charts and took a peek in the top 20 Oricon daily charts when suddenly *pooped* my eyes went large as I saw JOINT single in the #10 position!!!! XD I will be more happier if it will stay as it is or get higher in the next few days until next wednesday! If that happens, it will be Mami Kawada's most successful single to date... xD *Kyaaah~* I'm excited!!! I hope what I am thinking will be true! I will be really happy if that happens! =D I mean, hey! JOINT really rocks my socks and it really deserves it's current position right now. xD I hope when this single is in the weekly charts, it'll be higher than Hishoku no Sora (this single peaked at #11 in the Oricon weekly charts).

Cheers for Mami Kawada! xD~


  1. UWAAAH!!! As expected from JOINT!!

    It'll definitely go higher! It's such a huge break from Mami Kawada's usual style, and it sooo fits her. >D People like new breakthroughs!

    GO JOINT!!

  2. yeah I definitely agree! last night, it was #9!! Great!! XD yeah GO JOINT!! ^_^