Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yet Another Accomplishment

sentiment: addicted! 8D
harmony: "Vacillate" by Mami Kawada

Ah yes! Awhile ago I was able to download Mami Kawada's JOINT single... But let's go back to what happened before I DL'd the said single. I was already successful because I was able to get MOMO's latest eroge song entitled Cherish which is the opening theme for Selen's visual novel (eroge) Shin Ringetsu (Genuine Phosphorous Moon).

But heck, I had the trouble of searching all of my sources but to no avail at first... And so just as I thought, I had to DL it's soundtrack entitled Shin Ringetsu Complete Sound Track somewhere. And it's friggin' 63 MB... x_x But I'm glad it's a bit smaller than JOINT. The song itself is cute and techno~ish yet a little "downbeat" compared to eclipse, the opening theme for the first Ringetsu game performed by Mami Kawada. But with MOMO's cute voice and mellowy voice, I'm loving it. xD Wow come to think of it, it has been a while since she performed a theme song for eroge since I think it was a year ago when she officially left I've Sound and continue her career with P.O.R. But, I'm happy that she had a career again for eroge theme songs...^^

And now, you can listen Cherish from here. It's the long version. ^^,


Ahh... at least my hard work harvested... xD I just like the feeling when my I've Sound collection is continuously growing. xD

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