Wednesday, October 24, 2007


feeling: SPAMMED!! *random nothingness*
harmony: "Cross talk (Mixed up ver.)" by Kaori Utatsuki

kyaahh!! I inherited this "trait" to my imouto-vamp Nikki-chan!! hahaha! I dunno but I just have the urge to point out some random facts that I just noticed -- just now. xD

I just noticed that even how much I love Mami Kawada, KOTOKO's songs overcounts 'em. O,o I mean, I completed Mami Kawada's discography (as in ALL) and I think it's more or less 50 songs. But look at my KOTOKO songs!! O_o (please refer to my multiply playlist) I already have 56 songs online there (excluding instrumentals/karaokes/off vocal versions) and I still have uber many songs to download before I complete her discography! O,o I think she has 200+ songs (300+ with the instrumentals) for I've over all!! Talk about massive songs! It's like I'll have to exert x4 strength to collect them all than I exerted from searching Mami Kawada's songs. O_o Oh well, I'm not really planning to complete her discography because my HD will suffer because of the sizes. O,o

I just noticed that Kaorin (Kaori Utatsuki) has the most least songs in my playlist. Oh well, maybe I'll plan on collecting them when I have more storage disk and when I had the call to like Kaorin more!! XD I like her but not much of a fan.


  1. "KYAAAHH!!!" XD

    *pokes* Maybe it's because KOTOKO's been around longer that Mami Kawada.

    *suffers* Why must we endure limitations?!!! *flails*

  2. well you're right but KOTOKO's just a year earlier from Mami. But I just realized that maybe KOTOKO is more "in-demand" on her earlier years than Mami so uncountable H-game creators have been offered for KOTOKO to perform since she's great - great composer, lyricist, singer. Maybe that's why.

    yeah I have to limit my downloading because of the storage... friggin 20 GB.. >_<