Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gay or Gorgeous?

sentiment: blah blah! xD
harmony: "Chasse (TV size)" by Kaori Utatsuki

"Gay or Gorgeous?" That is the question. xD And now? Take a look here:

Kaori Utatsuki

This is Kaori Utatsuki of I've Sound. She looks young, isn't she? I was really surprised when I first saw her promotional photo (which makes this as the main banner on her website) for Chasse (pronounced as "sha-se"). But don't be fooled by her young face. The same exact thing happened on her previous single Shining stars bless which in her promo photo and single cover, she looks definitely young. But when I saw the PV, O_O;; she looks old.

Right now, I'm really getting addicted (yes addicted) with her Chasse although I'm still listening to its TV size since the single is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2007 which is roughly more or less 4 weeks away. The song is so kawaii... I can't stop listening to it... and it feels so refreshing whenever I hear it. Not much suited as the 3rd ending theme for Hayate no Gotoku! since I can see no drama in the anime series which is the opposite of the storyline of the anime. According to aibublog, Chasse means "drive out" and until now, I can't still depict it's meaning. Oooh Fred_Itachi, if I we're you, you should polish more on your vocabs... -___-

Oh well just wanna share my PoVs, and of course, the listening portion is always around... x

I compressed it to 64kbps and is only 742 kb in size. So what are you waiting for? Click that play button. xD And judge it yourself. xD (Note: I compressed it to only 32kbps a while ago, but the quality was not that satisfying. =_=)

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