Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shana II Episode 2 & 3 Done!

sentiment: agitated
harmony: "triangle (TV size)" by Mami Kawada

Episode 2:

Is more of a bit funny episode at first because Shana wants to learn cooking from Chigusa (Yuuji's mother). Wanna know why? It's because she's jealous that Kazumi always gives her precious Yuuji a delectable and delicious bento and wanted to equalize her level to Kazumi's. But in the end, it was a big failure. O__O So Shana ended up giving a bento with oozingly, jumbo melon pan inside it while Kazumi still gives Yuuji a great-tasting bento. Now that's too much to eat at one seating but what can Yuuji do? If he doesn't eat Shana's, she'll get mad (and jealous of course). She can't also decline Kazumi Yoshida's uberly delicious bento so he ended up in the clinic having a stomachache.

While the 3 were in the clinic, Tomogara attack! Not a good timing since Yuuji's still in a not-so-good situation. And they we're inside a dream, again... The difference is that in the first episode, Yuuji was the only one experiencing a transient and eternal dream but now, it's the 3 of them! Yes they weren't able to meet Mare yet. The two (Shana and Yuuji) realized that they were inside a "dream" but the problem is, Kazumi!! O_O she's not awake and she have to realize that it's just a dream! She had to wake up or else they'll be trapped. Never mind defeating Mare since she'll be defeated once Kazumi woke up. And it's a good thing she did with the help of Yuuji's calling.

The three of them woke up in their sleep in the infirmary and Yuuji ended up thanking Kazumi for waking up and saving all of them. In the end, Shana settled with Kazumi that she should reduce of the amount of bento by half so that he won't hurt his stomach. But wait, who's this transfer student?! Uuuwwaahhh!! She really looks like the Master Throne Hecate!!! But is she or not? We'll find out next episode. xD

Episode 3:

Entitled The Suspicous Transfer Student. Well if you were to ask me, I was startled as well when I first saw Fumina Konoe (right pic). Because she really looks like Hecate's (left pic) twin sister when you first look at her. Same hair and eye color, same height and not to mention, same seiyuu!!! O_O If it wasn't Mamiko Noto, I would've ignored the fact that it's a possibility that they are the same person. Shana, who seems really suspicious with the character, put up a Fuzetsu to confirm if she really is Hecate, one of the Guze no Tomogara of Bal Masque who used up Yuuji's Reiji Maigo showering off power of existence (Shakugan no Shana I final episodes). But it seems that it's not moving inside the Fuzetsu. So does it really mean Hecate and Fumina Konoe are not related to each other? We'll find out.

What they have in similar is that, they are both quiet and reserve but unexpectedly, Fumina Konoe is a klutz which is very different from Hecate. Taking out all of her books all at once? Not able to change into gym clothes without assistance? Waiting for lunch to be delivered at her? Yes, those are the stupidities that the girl possesses.

Lunch time, Keisaku Satou and Eita Tanaka arrived at school. Late again, as usual. Nice timing, Yuuji and Shana were able to get some help from Margery Daw if Fumina Konoe is really Hecate. Results? Negative, as usual.

Daybreak, Shana commanded Yuji to go home first. Still unrelaxed, she still want to confirm the real identity of Fumina Konoe and at the same time, luring the uberly weak Tomogara named Kasha. Of course, Shana is 10,000 years stronger than the Tomogara but he planned to use Fumina Konoe's power of existence, who is just like a statue at that time. But Yuuji suddenly arrived and tried to stop Kasha. Leaving Shana no choice, she tossed her sword to kill Kasha and Yuuji protected the girl from the impact.

After defeating the Tomogara, they noticed that Fumina Konoe got a minor wound on her arms which means that Fumina Konoe is truly a human being. Hahaha at least that made Shana and Yuuji a bit comfortable. The following morning, she did the same again! She took out all of her book at once! O_O Yuuji, of course, being a gentleman, helped the klutzy girl making Shana and Kazumi very agitated. Does this mean, they have another rival for Yuuji's love!? Hahaha we'll find that out in the next episodes. End of review!!! XD


  1. Why am I having a feeling that this is becoming some sort of Fate/stay night? I mean, two, and most probably three, girls going after one nice guy. XD

    Did Hecate die in Shana I? O__o


    PS: Uwah! Sorry oni. Kelangan kong i-delete yung unang comment ko may mali pu kasi~ X___x

  2. Oh it's okay imouto... ^__^

    hahaha uu nga eh... they're going gaga over Yuuji. O,o I mean there's Hayato Ike... and Keisaku and Eita hahah! Why Yuuji only? xD

    Nope, Hecate didn't die in the Shana I. She was able to escape (because Sydonay helped her) from the destroying Bal Masque. But in Shana II, they're repairing the Bal Masque again... O_o