Monday, October 22, 2007

Memorable I've Sound songs

sentiment: contemplating...
harmony: "Out Flow" by MELL

Now that I think about it, I haven't listed the memorable songs from I've that made me go "inner" into their music production. Of course, every I've Girls (except for SHIHO, Yucco, Reina and the others) have their own distinctive "evoked set" on my heart. For those who don't know the meaning of evoked sets, these are like "choices" or objects that first comes out of your mind whenever you hear or think about someone or something. For example, when you think about toothpaste, more or less, you think of Colgate right? This is an example of an evoked set. Haha! It's so unusual that I apply marketing principles in my posts. O_O Enough babbling, here are the evoked sets for every I've Girls that I've been in touch ever since:

  • KOTOKO -- whenever I hear her name, only one memorable song comes to my mind. Know what it is? Re-sublimity. That's one song that evoked me to favor KOTOKO from every I've Girls at first.
  • Mami Kawada -- what can I say? I'm a bit biased when it comes to Mami. There are two songs that reminds me of her sheer greatness. Hishoku no Sora and IMMORAL. When I first heard of Hishoku no Sora, I didn't think I would get addicted with Mami. That song can't really explain why I really like it but two words: EPIC WIN! While IMMORAL is one of her best dance tracks and it really got my adrenaline addicted for more!
  • MELL -- Red fraction!! I really really love this song. FLY TO THE TOP as well... xD It got me uber genki genki because of its perkyness and denpaness. The latter was considered as the most cutest song that MELL pulled out.
  • Eiko Shimamiya -- I first heard her from the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni anime. She sung the opening theme (same title as the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) with sheer confidence and greatness. At first, I did like her but not as much as my love for KOTOKO and Mami but when I learned that she's the one who recruited Mami into the I've, I learned to appreciate her songs more! O,o Naraku no Hana is also a memorable song. I still can't forget that I've become addicted to this song and kept on repeating this for the nth time already. XD
  • Kaori Utasuki -- hmm Kaorin?? Not really much into her but her Senecio is really cute and it's probably my favorite song from her. I haven't heard the full version of Chasse (her upcoming 2nd single) but I'm having a feeling that I'll like it as well. I got addicted with the TV size that's why! xP
  • MOMO (former I've) -- do I really have to think hard for her? NOO!! Velocity of sound is gotta be her greatest song!! I'm so really in love with this song!! X,x Greedy is also great! I love it to pieces. X)
  • Lia (former I've) -- Tori no Uta!! I can't really say much about this song, this is just so great! Truly a masterpiece!
  • Ayana (former I've) -- verge "Mixed Up NAKAZAWA TOMOYUKI style" is my most fave song from her. I really didn't like Eiko Shimamiya's verge even if it is the original version. Instrumental is superb but vocals, uhmm not really much my type. Last Regrets although it's too slow and downbeat for an opening theme... O_O
  • C.G mix (producer) -- actually, I have no plans of including him. Yes, HIM! Because he's a guy and one of the creators of I've Sound but oh well, he's still does some songs for BL games even if it's just two. xD

*phew* I'm done thank goodness. Wow another lengthy post I have here haha! Oh well just commemorating why did I got addicted with I've Sound. Come to think of it, I'm already a fan for two straight years. XD Can't recall the exact date but it was some time in the autumn 2005.


  1. I was surprised when I found out that Mami Kawada performed Hishoku no Sora. I remember her from Please Teacher as the very mellow singer of the ending song. I didn't like it at all. But when I heard Hishoku no Sora, I was like, "She should do more songs with this tempo. It fits her perfectly."

    But either way, I still loved Akai Namida, though it's more of a ballad. ^__^

    VELOCITY OF SOUND!!! O___O *hails the song* XD

  2. Actually, I didn't think that Mami could pull out something like Hishoku no Sora since I first known her from performing the uberly sentimental Sora no Mori de from Onegai Teacher just like you. But starting from Radiance (her first single), I began liking her but not uberly addicting when I heard her Hishoku no Sora. xD~

    agree, her Akai Namida is truly one of her greatest ballads. But undelete for me is her greatest ballad since it made me cry a bit when I first heard it, specially in the bridge part (in the 3-minutes part). If I remember correctly, I told you that when you last went in my place. ^__^

    Yeah! VELOCITY OF SOUND is pure WIN!!! love it to pieces!! xD

  3. Yes, I remember. Undelete is a very touching song to hear! Mellow sounds also suit her well if she doesn't do it so often.

    Kumbaga, nakaka-cheesy rin kapag puro mellow ang kanta ng isang artist diba? XD

    Have more pop in your life!!!! Kahit na Jrock ang genre ko, pop is still healthy.XD

    OT: Oni-vamp=King of Jpop. Me=Jrock princess. xP *gets bricked*

  4. yep too much intake of mellow/ballad can be too milky/cheesy hahaha! so sometimes I come in-touch with dance tracks or rock.. haha!

    wow, I am the King of J-pop so most likely you really are the J-rock princess because you're my imouto. ^_^