Monday, October 01, 2007

Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi! (TV size) is up!

Shichiten hakki☆Sh...

Music recorded/ripped directly from Veoh. The music itself is in low quality so bare with it... I had a hard time ripping it! lolz.

Ignoring the quality and the minor noises (dialogues, advertisements) in the beginning and at the end respectively, we can depict how the song goes.

The beginning of the song is a bit similar to her song UZU-MAKI which starts with heavy electric guitar and some drums but the difference is that Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi! is more perky and it's tempo is really fast compared to UZU-MAKI. The latter is more lively as well suited as the second opening theme for the cheerful and perky anime Hayate no Gotoku!

The cover jacket is exaggerating as well... a comic-inspired one! Take a lookie here:

Shichitenhakki☆Shijoushuji! single cover

The image courtesy of her own website. I think I will like this single more than MELL's Virgin's high!/kicks!. I'm not saying that MELL is a bit unexperienced when it comes to being a lyricist but KOTOKO's are really remarkable and good compared to her. And usually KOTOKO's singles are more enjoyable than the other I've Sound's singles (except for Mami Kawada -- yep, I'm bias when it comes to her). Well that's just what I think.

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